Adult Learning Community – 9:30 AM on Sunday

There are two Learning Community classes: 

September 8 through October 6, 2019–
“This Land is Whose? The History of the Israel/Palestinian Conflict” with Grant Ward. Grant will offer an in-depth study of the long history of the conflict between Israel and Palestinians over who has claim to the land. Beginning with the ancient history of Palestine, through Roman occupation, the Crusades, persecution of Jews, Grant will offer insight into the current struggles.

September 15 through October 6, 2019–
“The Gospel Faces of Jesus” with Tom Beers. The four canonical gospels present discreet literary portraits of Jesus. In this series we will take a literary approach to the four gospels with an eye to the distinct voice of each. Then, taking the four together, we will open ourselves to appreciating the rich, multi-dimensional portrait of Jesus our gospels provide. We will also look at the development of “Christology” in other New Testament writings.

9:30 AM each Sunday CBC offers learning opportunities for the full life span! A contingent of volunteers and a paid child care staff person make sure our children are respected and nurtured, loved and challenged with their safety and growth given the highest priorities. 

Babies and Toddlers (0-2 years old) Meets upstairs in the Nursery School wing where attendees are handled with great care!

Pre-schoolers (3 and 4 year olds) Meets upstairs in the Nursery School wing and follows the Seasons of the Spirit Curriculum in a calm and fun atmosphere! 

Elementary (K-5th grade) Meets in a downstairs classroom of the CBC building….where curiosity is encouraged and children grow in their faith formation! 

Middle School (6th-8th grade) Meets in the Middle School classroom on the third floor of the Mission House. Mixing the Seasons of the Spirit curriculum with wild and creative exercises, this class is the absolute opposite of boring! 

High School (9th-12th grade) Meets in the newly renovated Youth Room on the third floor of the Mission House. Our youth choose their own path of study each year, increasing their knowledge and challenging one another on a series of different topics.